Plymouth Life Centre – A gold standard of leisure facility

The recently opened Plymouth Life Centre is a fantastic example of the nationwide benefits that will be created by the 2012 London Olympic games legacy. The £46.5m project is a welcome addition to the local area, providing Plymouth with a state-of-the-art leisure resource, an iconic facility for the city that diving sensation Tom Daly calls home, built to inspire the next generation of British Olympians.  

The external design of this iconic project is what makes it stand out against other leisure centres currently being built in the UK. The aesthetic moves away from the traditional 'metal-box' style design and use a more integrated blend of surfaces and fabrics. Key to this was the use of Eurobond's Rainspan structural support panel, tailor made for the use of rainscreens.

Rainspan's benefits in this kind of application are two-fold, firstly when planning the build process  Rainspan panels are able to be quickly installed, creating a weathertight building envelope and, more importantly, removing the rainscreen from the critical path of the building process. Secondly all Rainspan panels are manufactured to order at our facility in Cardiff, cut to lengths to suit the project, ensuring that on site cutting and therefore waste, is kept to an absolute minimum.

Rainspan's 'built-in' benefits are what really makes this product so appealing for modern building solutions, the non-combustible stone wool core can provide passive fire protection of up to 2 hours (insulation & integrity) as well as allowing fire-rated panels to span up to 7.5 metres between intermediary supports, greatly reducing the need for secondary steel work and keeping build times as efficient as possible. 


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